Київському Інституту Банківської Справи 20 років!!!

Привітання від студентів


Гордимся нашим институтом,
Ведь нам он знания дает.
И станем мы для всех примером,
К победам ринувшись вперед.

Сдадим экзамен самый трудный,
Любой ответственный зачет,
Учеба пусть не будет нудной,
И пусть с билетами везет.

Вас в этот праздник института
Мы поздравляем всех, друзья,
Желаем в радость, счастье веры
И, что еще главней, в себя!



Dear institute

We, the Master year students wish you:

- prosperity

- successful future

- many smart and diligent students.

We are proud of studying here.

During our years of studies we have evernt a lot.

From the buttom of our hurts, we are thonhful.

To our professors and the administration for their:

- understanding;
- support;
- patience;
and valuable knouledge

We highly appreciate all efforts you exert in order to continue to work best regords/

Happy 20-th anniversry!!!



We the students of KIBS would like to congratulate this institute with its 20 -th anniversary. From the bottom of my hearts I would like to congratulate our professors. I want to wish development. I wish hony years of success, recognition,inspiration for something new and all the best.
I wish you patience and inspiration, to make you proud of your students. I wish peace, happiness and health for all teaching staff of the institute.
I want to become the best univerity in the country.
I wish good students.
We are proud to be studying here. Thank you for your work.
I wish you that would you every year become only better and railld your rating and you always had a demand and Students fought for a place "In your world"